Hardwoods are separated into two categories, temperate and tropical hardwoods, depending on their origin. Temperate hardwoods are found in the regions between the tropics and poles, and are of particular interest to wood workers for their cost-effective aesthetic appeal and sustainable sources.[9] Tropical hardwoods are found within the equatorial belt, including Africa, Asia, and South America. Hardwoods flaunt a higher density, around 65lb/cu ft as a result of slower growing rates and is more stable when drying.[9] As a result of its high density, hardwoods are typically heavier than softwoods but can also be more brittle.[9] While there are an abundant number of hardwood species, only 200 are common enough and pliable enough to be used for woodworking.[11] Hardwoods have a wide variety of properties, making it easy to find a hardwood to suit nearly any purpose, but they are especially suitable for outdoor use due to their strength and resilience to rot and decay.[9] The coloring of hardwoods ranges from light to very dark, making it especially versatile for aesthetic purposes. However, because hardwoods are more closely grained, they are typically harder to work than softwoods. They are also harder to acquire in the United States and, as a result, are more expensive.[9]
I’m 91 years old, but I still enjoy spending time in the wood shop. I like to make wooden toys and give them to my great-grandkids and charity groups. One trick I’ve learned over the years is to use emery boards—the kind for filing fingernails— to sand small parts. Emery boards come in different sizes, and some are more abrasive than others, so I keep an assortment on hand. — Joe Aboussleman

Old doors laid across sawhorses make great temporary workbenches, but they take up a lot of space when you’re not using them. Instead of full-size doors, I use bifold doors with hinges so I can fold them up when I’m done working. They’re also easier to haul around in the pickup for on-the-road jobs. — Harry Steele. Here are 12 more simple workbenches you can build.
Si eres un aficionado a la carpintería seguro que tiras muchos trozos y virutas de madera que no puedes reutilizar, pero hoy te proponemos una idea muy fácil para aprovechar hasta el más mínimo resquicio de madera. Una arcilla hecha a base de virutas de madera que dará un toque rústico a tus trabajos y que, además podrás usar para relieves. ¿Comenzamos? Para hacerla necesitarás los siguientes mate ...
En el mercado existe una infinidad de opciones de terminaciones para la cocina. La combinación de colores y formas se da en todos los materiales que uno especifique (melamina, cerámicas, tiradores, artefactos, etc). Frente a esto no existe el concepto de cocina poco atractiva sino que solo existe la cocina mal planeada o fabricada (referencia texto completo). Por lo tanto, en cuanto a gustos, es importante escuchar y entender al cliente para así identificar que estilo e imagen es la que mejor refleja su cocina.
Si en las carpinteriás no te lo venden, puedes preguntarles a ellos dónde lo compran... existen grandes almacénes solo de venta y que suministran a estas carpinterías. Quizás en ellos consigas un mejor precio. Al pedir precio ten en cuenta que existen varias calidades de tablero. No necesitarás usar el más caro, pero que no te engañen con el precio. Aquí puedes encontrar información al respecto.
For many of us, the moment we learned that a 2×4 board is actually 1.5 inches x 3.5 inches was simply mind-blowing. The reason for this apparent contradiction is that the board has been planed down to eliminate irregularities. At one point, many years ago, 2x4s actually were 2 inches x 4 inches, but their rough surfaces made them difficult to stock and handle. The old terms, such as 2×4 or 4×4, are still used, and are known as the “nominal” size of the board. These nominal sizes are used because they are easier to say and they stick to tradition. Now, thanks to a lawsuit, most big box stores list the nominal and actual sizes of lumber.

With strength, sturdiness, and durability, maple is a common material for furniture for the bedroom and even china cabinets. Maple is moisture-resistant and frequently displays stand-out swirls in the wood grain, an aesthetically pleasing differentiator from other hardwoods. While most commonly a lighter color, maple also can take stains and paint well.[13]

Any serious woodworker knows that square and flat Any serious woodworker knows that square and flat stock is the key to producing fine work so it’s time to skip the hand tools and graduate to the JJ-6HHDX 6 in. long bed jointer. This beast boasts a helical insert cutter head with staggered carbide inserts yet runs quietly and ...  More + Product Details Close

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Whether you are a beginner or a DIY professional, if you have a love for the craft of woodworking The Home Depot has got you covered. We have all the essential tools for woodworking that let you hone your craft. Our huge selection of drill presses and miter saws will put the power in your hands to complete your projects faster and easier. And whether you are looking for the strength of a powerful router or the versatility of a lathe, you can find everything you need to help with projects, large and small. If your carpentry plans also include building materials, you don't need to look any further than The Home Depot. From wood and lumber to decking and fencing materials, it's all right here.

While trying to trace an exact copy of the throat plate for my table saw, I came up with this nifty technique using an ordinary pencil. I just shaved my pencil into a half-pencil by carefully grinding it on my belt sander. The flat edge enables my modified pencil to ride straight up along the edge of the template. It also works great for marking and then shaping inlays for my woodworking projects. — Tim Reese. How to cut circles with a band saw.

“Mi opinión (la de Julio) es que internet es una gran fuente de información y que intentar aprender a través de la red es económico pero poco fructífero y exitoso. He comprobado varias veces que en este país la gente aficionada al trabajo de la madera, están mas cerca del bricolaje que de completar verdaderos proyectos con madera. Desgraciadamente para mi, porque para el resto todo esta bien, la gente aficionada a trabajar la madera prefieren aprender experimentando, basándose en el método ensayo-error y a través de información difusa e incompleta en publicaciones extranjeras, en lugar de gastarse el dinero en asistir a clases que demuestren métodos efectivos y transparentes que garanticen el éxito y buen resultado en nuestros talleres, y así poder disfrutar del proceso durante una tarea sabiendo lo que se hace y porque se hace así  y porque otros métodos pueden ser peores o menos convenientes. De esta manera yo pienso que se ahorra un largo camino de incertidumbre y una gran cantidad de tiempo que se puede dedicar a trabajar verdaderamente en trabajos en lugar de estar adivinando lo que se hace. Para mi aprender con internet es dar palos de ciego. Al final se romperá la piñata pero cuantos jarrones hemos roto primero. Prueba de ello son los comentarios que recibo en mis publicaciones en la red, agradezco infinitamente el apoyo y valoración de lo que expongo, pero la gente se equivoca al decir que enseño algo, eso es erróneo, lo único que hago y que pretendo con internet es dar a conocer el trabajo de la madera de forma tradicional y artesanal, divulgando cierta información que puede ser relevante. Pero para enseñar y aprender de verdad, hay que participar activamente en una tutoría personal, donde puedo corregir o advertir los vicios que se cometen al trabajar. Mi intención en aula flamingo es ofrecer una enseñanza de provecho, mi función es quitar la venda de la ignorancia para romper la piñata con el primer golpe.