The summer is hot and I am very lazy. I found a lot of small string puzzles in my puzzle storage box. This puzzles are easy to make. I made this puzzle long time ago with very limited workshop possibilities. I bought wooden balls from a craft store. The rod that connect two ball is 10 mm round ready stock. And I made for wooden ring from a wooden dough roller. The aim of this puzzle is removing the ring.

But mounting them in a final product is always a pain in the ass. You’ll end up with a lot of dupont cables connecting all of the breakout boards – which is not a good idea. And if you’re unlucky the designer of the breakout board put an led on the board so that you can see that the board is powered on. The latest is truly a nightmare. If I have one of those nights, in which sleep isn’t happening for me, I sometimes just get out of bed and go downstairs. That’s where I keep most of the In Progress Projects. Whenever I enter the living room I’m always wondering why all of the electronics have so many leds? Honestly whether it is a breakout board, an Arduino a raspberry Pi, my Wifi router, e.t.c. I just seem to have many leds that light up all day.
In deze module leer je de basiscompetenties voor het organiseren en plannen van het hout dat je wil bewerken. Je controleert, transporteert en bepaalt de opslag van grondstoffen en materialen. Je meet op, leest plannen, berekent de kostprijs, selecteert hout en leert het geselecteerde hout paren en afschrijven. We beginnen altijd met het manueel bewerken van hout en gebruiken daarbij manueel handgereedschap. Je oefent traditionele pen- en gatverbindingen in en je maakt een eenvoudige constructie.